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Social Media Management

How Your Content Works For You

At the start of 2018 Facebook had over 2.20 billion monthly users and climbing, every new user on Social Media is another set of eyes that can potentially view your business and the content you post, making it one of the most powerful marketing tools of the modern day.


GLProUK understand that it can be rather daunting, especially if you are a small local business, where do you even start? What social media platform should you use? What do you post about? Who are the audience you are even posting too? Just a couple of the many questions you will be faced with.

Marketing Unicorns, Wizards and Warlocks

Our team here at GLProUK manage and support your Social Media every step of the way, from doing our first overall review of your businesses web presence, building your social media pages and profiles, creating and delivering your content alongside your input, your businesses messaging, tone and voice. We cover all the areas of the process for you, posting the content we created, interaction, monitoring, advertising and at the end of each month we’ll not only present your analytics in an easy to understand presentation but we’ll go through the findings with you, looking at what worked and what we could try differently.

We take the fear out of creating a Social Media “strategy” by supporting you with all your social media management and marketing needs every step of the way. We aren’t just a team of geeks, we are your team of geeks.

In the video below, our head of digital marketing talks you through the process he takes when bringing a new social media client to manage onboard. From the initial review, meeting the client, building a plan, making and posting content followed by the big question of “what happens next?”.

Digital Marketing

Nothing Beats A Powerful Marketing Strategy

Why do some businesses attract all the attention online, whilst their competitors fail to make an impact? They have a powerful digital marketing strategy. GLProUK can help you grab that advantage for your own business with end-to-end digital marketing. Because a successful digital marketing campaign gives you greater brand awareness.

You know your business better than anyone. That’s why GLProUK undergoes an initial consultation with your leadership team to gain a full understanding of your business and goals. This, matched with our digital expertise allows us to create a bespoke digital strategy that will give you a competitive edge online

One Time Client To Life Long Fan

From the moment your customers are first hooked we’ll take them on a smooth journey towards becoming a lifelong customer. We engage your audience with content that has been tailored to their specific interests and keep hold of them with an attractive and easy to navigate website. But it’s not just about helping them make that first purchase – we aim to turn every click into a loyal customer.

Based on our research we will create powerful content that engages and excites your target audience. Content is a vital part of your marketing strategy, with studies showing that content builds trust and that people are more likely to buy from a brand that educates them. GLProUK can boost your Google and Bing rankings by creating bespoke and keyword rich content that will keep your customers returning.

High Quality Content or Bust!

We continually monitor your performance online, as well as looking at your competitors. We use this information to continuously adapt and update your strategy and ensure you’re always getting the best return on investment. But don’t worry, just because our team are digital geeks we don’t expect you to be – we’ll report the analytics back to you in a clear and transparent way.

We deliver a high quality of content, and having all our services in house enables us to make content such as the video below for our clients.