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In a world already dominated with business and digital marketing-based podcasts, full of people sharing their thoughts, opinions and industry news, GLCast will…. pretty much do the same thing, join us as we talk about industry news, blogs, and stuff whilst sharing our thoughts and opinions. Welcome to GLCast, the official podcast of GLProUK

GLProUK is a digital marketing agency based in London and Surrey fulfilling the digital content requirements of market-leading brands throughout the southeast of the UK, the US and beyond.

  • The Jaily Show with Andy Barden - The Unconventional Boss Returns
    by GLProUK on February 28, 2021

    We're thrilled to welcome the 'Unconventional Boss' Andy Barden back to The Jaily Show. In the first recording of 2021 Jay and Andy talk utilising LinkedIn properly and the benefits of management mentoring and coaching.  Andy is dedicated to coaching managers into world class team builders. He picked up his 'unconventional boss' moniker through exceeding expectations and pushing the boundaries of what people see as ‘traditional management’.   Useful Links: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andybarden1/ https://theunconventionalboss.com/   https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayludgrove/ Instagram: @JayLudgrove / @GLProUK   ******************************************** Learn more about GLProUK : https://www.glpro.co.uk ******************************************* Connect […]

  • The Jaily Show with Paul Brown - CEO of Baked Bean Media
    by GLProUK on February 14, 2021

    Our latest Jaily Show interviewee has BEAN there and done it 😉 Recorded back in November 2020, Jay was delighted to chat to Paul Brown of Baked Bean Media, specialists in video production and social media marketing. Paul discussed some of the ways that social media can be used to present more engaging, authentic and creative versions of ourselves through the power of cost effective videos. CEO, Top 100 Podcaster, Chef, Content Creator, Social Media Marketer, Instagrammer, Youtuber, TikToker and Jägerbomb drinker; Paul does it all. Follow Paul on your social networks of choice to catch up on his great content and advice.   Useful Links: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulbrownbakedbeanmedia/ https://bakedbeanmedia.com/   https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayludgrove/ Instagram: […]

  • The Jaily Show with Farhana Cannon founder of iMedia Exposure
    by GLProUK on January 31, 2021

    Jay loves tapping into the wealth of knowledge of his guests, and the latest Jaily Show is certainly no exception. Farhana Cannon is the founder of iMedia Exposure, supporting brands in attracting and converting their perfect client online.   She has 17 years of in-depth marketing experience working with numerous speakers, coaches, lifestyle, and luxury brands. She brings a unique and profitable outcome to all of her campaigns. She specializes in creating innovative marketing strategies, plans, and curated brand content. She loves working and partnering with people + brands that are passionate about what they do. Some of the brands, she worked with include the Board of Tourism of Barbados, National Petroleum, KIND Healthy Snacks, Venn Negotiation, as well as many other […]

  • The Jaily Show with David Ralph - Podcasting Coach and Host of Join Up Dots Podcast
    by GLProUK on January 18, 2021

    Jay welcomes David Ralph to the show for a chat about one of our favourite subjects. Podcasting. David is a veteran podcast host and runs coaching courses to help propel your podcast to new heights. If you like what you hear and want more, you can catch David on the Join Up Dots Podcast. Useful Links: https://podcastersmastery.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidpralph/   ********************************************   Learn more about GLProUK : https://www.glpro.co.uk   ******************************************** Connect with us on Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/glprouk ******************************************** Find us on Vimeo : https://vimeo.com/glprouk ******************************************** Follow us on Facebook here : […]

  • The Jaily Show with Chad Anderson host of Beyond The Loan Podcast
    by GLProUK on January 6, 2021

    Happy New Year and welcome back to another episode of The Jaily Show. This episode sees Jay meet Chad Anderson, presenter of the Beyond the Loan podcast and all round real estate guru. They discuss a wide range of subjects from broadcasting tips through to loan best practices. Check out Chad's podcast Beyond The Loan on YouTube or you preferred podcast distributor: https://www.beyondtheloan.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6YqU7_tliruQKQ6Qmk-Z8w   ******************************************** Learn more about GLProUK : https://www.glpro.co.uk   ******************************************** Connect with us on Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/glprouk   ******************************************** Find us on Vimeo : https://vimeo.com/glprouk   […]

  • The Jaily Show with Tony Gordon - Creative Director of GLProUK
    by GLProUK on December 7, 2020

    This week our very own Creative Director, Tony Gordon enters the fray and endures the gauntlet that is The Jaily Show. Tony is a games tester turned creative with stints breaking their creations for Microsoft, EA, Eidos and Warner before putting down the controller and turning his attention to creation instead of destruction. Along with Jay, Tony was the original co-host of How To Write A Tune and a selection of other shows over the years! Check out How To Write A Tune on your favourite podcast app or here: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/how-to-write-a-tune/id1032269043 Catch up with Tony on the day to day on Bones Knows: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqUu250ZNAgL3mG_g2kmAFA ******************************************** Learn more about GLProUK : https://www.glpro.co.uk […]