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with Greg Armstrong and Jez Renyard

  • The Jaily Show with Andy Barden - The Unconventional Boss Returns
    by GLProUK on February 28, 2021 at 3:00 pm

    We're thrilled to welcome the 'Unconventional Boss' Andy Barden back to The Jaily Show. In the first recording of 2021 Jay and Andy talk utilising LinkedIn properly and the benefits of management mentoring and coaching.  Andy is dedicated to coaching managers into world class team builders. He picked up his 'unconventional boss' moniker through exceeding expectations and pushing the boundaries of what people see as ‘traditional management’.   Useful Links: […]

The Jaily Show

with Jay Ludgrove

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Stage Presence

with Sanj Surati

  • The Stage Presence Podcast - Episode 2: Confidence Onstage
    by Sanj Surati on March 18, 2020 at 7:25 pm

    The Stage Presence Podcast - Episode 2: Confidence OnstageHello, my name is Sanj Surati, I am a stand-up comic, public speaker and front man for a hard rock band based in London, England. I have been performing onstage for over 25 years, have won many accolades and on countless occasions have been asked; “how come I have so much stage presence and how do I overcome nerves?” I have set up The Stage Presence Podcast to give people the skills and know how to help them to overcome their […]

Our Producers

Tony Gordon Creative Director

Tony Gordon

Starting out in 2015, Tony Produced and Co-Hosted one of the UK’s biggest music podcasts of the time, How To Write A Tune. From there he and co-host Jay Ludgrove went on to launch GLProUK later in 2015, one of the UK’s first Podcast Production agencies, which has gone on to launch hundreds of new shows all over the world. Tony is now the Lead Producer on dozens of shows across the Corporate, Fashion, Industrial and Tech spaces, while still Hosting his own show, Bones Knows, and helping everyone from Hobbyists to Celebrities launch their show the right way for their audience.

Check out Tony’s full profile on Podchaser.com