Ep 31: Why Your Business Should Have a Podcast

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Welcome to episode 31 of GLCast, the official podcast of GLProUK. After going over our services here at GLProUK we once again turn our focus to podcasting. This is a special episode, last month this podcast turned one year old. So to celebrate we revisit one of our early episodes based on the blog ‘Five Reasons Your Business Should Have a Podcast’, but not only with GLProUK Head of Digital Marketing, Greg Armstrong and Managing Director, Jay Ludgrove but also with Creative Director, Tony Gordon. 

The business world is constantly changing, and with it are the ways in which you can connect with your clients or audience, this blog looks at the positives of using podcasting to connect and engage with your audience and build going forward. The GLProUK boys discuss this and other points whilst having a bit of fun. 

This is Podcast is going to undergo a revamp soon so don’t be alarmed if you see us disappear for a short time, we’ll be back bigger and better than before 

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