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Who We Are

GLProUK is a London based creative studio founded by Tony Gordon and Jay Ludgrove. We work with a diverse range of companies, individuals and brands across multiple platforms to provide a wrap-around service for all of your digital content creation requirements.

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In a world where we consume videos as quickly as the air we breathe, it’s important to have something truly stunning, unique and of a high professional quality to stand out from the crowd to get your message not only seen, but understood.

Digital Marketing

Online consumer’s attention isn’t always easy to capture, you need to be aware of your wording, channelling the right tone to entice your specific audience. A task which can be very time consuming and requires the right expertise dedicated to do so, which many businesses do not have. Enter GLProUK.


Podcasting is one of the fastest growing platforms to directly engage with an audience so it’s important to get it right. From first time podcasters, businesses to the straight up serial hobbyist or even if you just want to make your existing podcast sound better. GLProUK have the expertise to provide an end to end hassle free service, while you enjoy the fun part of just sitting back and talking.


Do you have the vision but lack the skills and know how to make it a reality? With a strong combination of our technical know-how and our fantastic design services, we will work alongside you to cater for your design needs. From a striking professional logo to an engaging perfectly functioning website that reflects your brands/services personality.

What can we do for you?

Are you asking yourself these questions?

Which social media platform?
How often should I post?
What can I accomplish by using social media?

We are here to give the answers and help you understand the process, or simply take the entire endeavour out of your hands and manage it for you.

What is the purpose of this video/photoshoot?
What are my messages?
How much should I spend?

GLProUK have a huge back catalogue of experience with all kinds of video shoots and can help and manage the prep process right through to delivering the final version of your video.

Where do I start?
What programme will work best to build my idea?
What image file do I need to use?

Even when asking all the questions in advance it’s more than likely you will encounter unforeseen questions. Our design team is on hand to tackle all these questions for you, with the answers already to hand.

What equipment do I need?
How do I distribute my podcast?
Do I need to learn how to become an editor?

Having worked in podcasting for several years we can get your idea transformed into a well presented and structured podcast, from recording, editing and publication of the show.

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Our Blogs

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